In this day and age we can all fall into a habit of convenience and making any changes can be daunting- regardless of what it is! Whether it is your internet provider or gym membership, often we stay with a supplier that we are not fully happy with simply because its easy and the steps we would need to take to make the change! 

Often we talk to new members of our Compliance Scheme as well as new potential members who approach us. Changing Compliance Scheme doesn't have to be a daunting task and you can be rest assured there will be a warm friendly voice on the end of the phone waiting to greet you. 

So what do you need to do? 

First things first, if you would like to switch to your compliance scheme you must give notice to your existing compliance scheme. To do this will be dependant upon your contract you have with them.  You will need to check the terms of the agreement and then you will then need to complete our registration forms and provide us with your data regarding the weight of EEE placed on the market. 

One of our team members will be happy to guide you through the steps and make the switch as smooth as possible! 

Give us a call today and discuss your requirements! 


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