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AVC Weeeco Ltd - The delivery partner for 'Northern Compliance Ltd' and ‘WEEE Light Ltd’, two of the UK’s Leading Producer Compliance Schemes, providing turnkey solutions for producers, distributors, local authorities and business end holders of WEEE.

Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) - Since Jan 2007, businesses, organisations and/or institutions have been required by law to register with the Environment Agency as a producer if they place any Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) on to the UK market place. This includes anyone who imports, manufactures or rebrands an item of EEE that is then be made available for sale in the UK.

Producer Registration Quote - All Producers placing more than 5 tonnes a year must register with a Producer Compliance Scheme (PCS). If you are placing less than 5 tonnes a year you can still register with our Producer Compliance Schemes and take the burden away from having to deal direct with the Environment Agency.

Waste and Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) - Businesses, organisations and/or institutions are required by law to register with the Environment Agency if they dispose of more than 500KG of hazardous waste such as Waste Electrical Electronic Equipment (WEEE) within any 12 month period.

WEEE Take Back Service - Our unique Weeeco Local service provides compliant, cost effective and environmentally sound collection of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment, nationally through our local network of approved and audited delivery partners.


Producers - As a Producer of EEE you have a number of obligations. If you place household (B2C) EEE on to the UK market you have an obligation to finance the collection, treatment, recycling and environmentally sound disposal of a percentage of that EEE for when it becomes Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). If you place non-household (B2B) EEE on to the UK market, you are responsible for financing the collection, treatment, recycling and environmentally sound disposal of that EEE when it becomes Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE), unless you choose to operate under Regulation 12.2 of the 2013 WEEE Regulations which allows you to pass this responsibility to the End User.


Businesses - Even if you are not classed as a Producer of EEE, a business may still have ‘end user’ responsibilities under the WEEE Regulations. You would need to finance the collection, treatment, recycling and environmentally sound disposal of Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) if the item was purchased prior to 13th August 2005 and in many cases items purchased after this date if the supplier of the item is operating under regulation 12.2. The introduction of sound company WEEE policies is also necessary to meet certain standards, for example, ISO 14001; ensuring cost effective, environmentally sustainable, and socially responsible WEEE Disposal.


Public Sector - You have the same responsibilities as businesses (see above). However, Local Authorities also need to demonstrate leadership in what is major environmental legislation. Those in the public sector must ensure that the introduction of their WEEE policy meets all the requirements of Government and provides fully auditable systems. The real issue however, is one of


Corporate Social Responsibility - Leading companies have policies already in place and there is immense pressure to follow suit or suffer the potential of not meeting the demands of the more environmentally sound purchasers today. WEEE Policy is a standard requirement in many Public Sector and Blue Chip Company PQQs (Pre Tender Qualifying Questionnaires) and if you don't have a policy, this will reduce your chances of winning contracts with the public sector and blue chip organisations.






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Welcome to Northern Compliance & WEEE Light 2016

The management team at AVC Weeeco would like to welcome our new members for 2016 and especially thank the vast majority of our members who have been with the schemes since 2007 for their continued...

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