AVC Weeeco is an organisation founded to enable public and private sector organisations to fulfil their legal responsibility arising from the UK WEEE Regulations. Our services are based on the first call of Environmentally Sustainable, Socially Responsible and Cost Effectiveness. Our main objective is to generate awareness of the effects WEEE is having on our environment.

There are three core services AVC Weeeco deliver on behalf of organisations.

WEEE Care Compliance Service

  • Producer Compliance Scheme Membership for both B2B & B2C
  • Distributor Take Back Service for both B2B & B2C
  • Final Holder Take Back Service for both B2B & B2C

WEEE Compliance membership with our wholly owned PCS (Producer Compliance Schemes) is providing peace of mind for over 230 of the UK’s top importers and retailers. From day one of membership we hand hold our members through the complex and often miss represented regulations ensuring the three core principles are met:

  • Cost Effective Compliance
  • Environmental Sustainability
  • Corporate Social Responsibility

Our national WEEE collection service, has grown through the development of innovative systems consistent with the UK WEEE Regulations that ensure the producer and end user responsibilities for the payment of environmentally sound disposal is exercised as described in the regulations:

  • Our WEEE Collection system is fully automated and accessed through the Member Collection Request page http://avcweeeco.com/request/index.html; meaning when a collection is required the site representative fills in the request form online and AVC Weeeco do the rest.
  • WEEE collected by AVC Weeeco is reused, recycled and/or treated in the UK’s best performing AATF’s. Each year, AVC Weeeco has been responsible for diverting thousands of tonnes of WEEE destined for land fill.

More importantly our service is cost effective:

  • Transport and Evidence Note Administration Charges only for all B2C (No charge for Recycling)
  • Rebates available on internally generated evidence (Rebates offset against future compliance costs)
  • Transport & Recycling Charges for B2B Regulation 12.1 and 12.2
  • Transport & Recycling Charges for lead Acid Batteries (collected as part of WEEE collection)

The above is only achieved by AVC Weeeco having their own B2B and B2C Compliance Schemes. The AVC Weeeco service strictly adheres to compliant WEEE Reuse, Recovery, Recycling that is:

  • Corporate/Socially Responsible
  • Environmentally Sustainable
  • Cost Effective for both Producer and End User

WEEE Training and Consultancy

AVC Weeeco have since 2005 been at the forefront of the implementation of WEEE legislation into UK Law and have delivered significant consultancy work in a number of blue chip organisations. In one case achieving annual savings in excess of £800k, for the commissioning organisation and facilitated change to WEEE policies that incorporated the AVC Weeeco ethos.

With so much confusion surrounding the legislation, most organisations are aware of the issue but are unsure about what they have to do. AVC Weeeco aims to clarify all important points easily in the form of publications, seminars, or bespoke training. Our business seminars and training are open to all organisations and delegates are taken step by step through UK WEEE legislation and its impact on all organisation. All delegates attending receive a certificate of WEEE Care and Compliance on completion of the event.

Producer Compliance (Take the Challenge)

For guidance regarding producer compliance, please contact us or generate a quote.



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